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Prescription medicines can be expensive. Horse Medicine Store provides medications online at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to save money on expensive medicines used to treat all kinds of conditions your horse may be suffering from. Even a well-kept horse will most likely need an equine prescription medication at some time or other.

Horses can sustain joint injuries or develop equine infections which require prescription strength Horse Medicine. Horse antihistamines, horse antibiotics and equine sedatives are only a few of the horse prescriptions that are available. Horse Medicine may be prescribed on a short-term basis such as equine pain remedy or anti-inflammatory types. Some conditions may require prescriptions for a longer period of time such as thyroid and gastro-intestinal problems.

Our primary focus is on horse care. We provide a large selection of prescription horse medications and products that have been carefully chosen by our founding veterinarians and industry experts to ensure your horse’s health and performance. We understand that you need easy access to a wide range of equine medication that is packaged with care and shipped to your doorstep.

Prescription therapies for metabolic disorders, discomfort and inflammation, joint dysfunction and arthritis, ulcers and digestion, antibiotics, respiratory support, muscle relaxants, vitamins, and much more are available in our inventory of equine drugs.

Prascend is one of the reliable treatments for Cushing’s disease in horses that we carry in our horse pharmacy. These include the popular drugs Adequan Equine and Equioxx, which help equestrian owners treat their horses’ arthritis. Regumate is a reputable estrus suppressor that horse owners can order to manage their mares and broodmares.

Prescription Medicine for Horses

We offer prescription medications to keep your horse healthy and racing along. You can obtain any medication your veterinarian may recommend, such as medications for skin and coat conditions, medications for parasites and worms, and prescription drugs for a variety of other equine health conditions. We have vitamins and electrolytes to keep horses in peak condition for exercise, as well as pain relievers to help with arthritic or injury pain.

Our allergy medication is great for allergy-stricken horses, and thyroid and hormone may help thyroid-problem horses. Your veterinarian can recommend the ideal prescription medication in precisely the appropriate dosages for your “mane” man to treat these and other problems. We also sell prescription equine medication online for different conditions. Get prescription antibiotics for infections or browse our other medications for common equine health issues.

Prescription drugs are available at The Horse Medication Store for both your feline and canine friends. When you fill your horse prescriptions, order prescription dog and prescription cat medication. You should also stock up on non-prescription medicines, horse supplies, and supplies for dogs and cats. We provide all you require to ensure the health and well-being of all your four-legged friends. We almost certainly carry the prescription medication your veterinarian recommends! Check out our excellent variety of horse medications!

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Excellent service from Horse Medicine Store, as i’ve come to expect. Cheerfully accepting my order and delivering the next day.

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Very competitive price. Speedy dispatch and delivery. Highly recommend.

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Great service

Great service very fast delivery. Cheaper than anywhere else Thank you. bought for our horse.

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Good Medicine for horse

Prompt service and good Medicine for horse. Thank you.

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Good service

Good service and an easy website to use.

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Goods arrived before time

Many thanks for a quick service, goods arrived before time and well packed!

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    Keeping your horse healthy and energetic is a breeze if you have effective Horse Medicine at hand. Whether your four-legged champion is in treatment and needs daily vitamins or prescribed drugs, you can buy equine meds online at We are proud to offer our professional assistance in caring for your stallion.

    If you are looking for a customer-oriented and certified Horse Medicine supplier, you can rely on us 365 days a year. We ship worldwide while ensuring you receive medication for your stallion before the competition or show event.

    An array of Horse Medicine for sale

    At, we have put together the ultimate selection of oral and injectable equine meds. Whatever type of horse medicine you need, you are guaranteed to find the necessary product in our catalog.

    Depending on the symptom to be relieved, the condition to be managed, or the physical ability to enhance, you can shop for:

    • Painkillers
    • NSAIDs
    • Antibiotics
    • Tranquilizers
    • GI stimulants
    • Hormonal products

    To help you decide, we’ve put down a detailed description of each product – think directions, ingredients, manufacturers, dosage recommendations, and possible side effects. If you have any questions or doubts, drop us a message . Our vets will hand-pick the most effective pills or injectables for your equine athlete.


    We understand that horses need timely care and treatment, so there shouldn’t be any roadblocks to drugs that can quell debilitating symptoms or underpin their performance. If your equine has run out of daily medications or needs a specific cure here and now, we’ll be right behind to handle the order within tight time limits.

    At, we prioritize product safety. All our meds are certified and carefully chosen by experienced vets, ensuring your stallion receives 100% genuine pills and vaccines that have proven their effectiveness.

    Reaching out to us for horse medications has nothing to do with appointments, disease analysis, or prescriptions because we:

    • Have a selection of meds that can distributed without prescriptions
    • Are friendly to low prices and discounts
    • Provide a full description of each pharmaceutical product
    • Accept multiple payment methods, including BTC
    • Ship to all countries

    Are there other racing animals besides equines that need a therapeutic hand? We carry products for other racers, too. Adjust the dose following the instructions, and watch your dogs, greyhounds, goats, or camels improve their results. 

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    Why wait to get effective treatments? Browse to order cheap race horse meds, and we’ll deliver them to your door within 3-5 days. 

    Would you like to finalize a purchase later? Add medications and supplements to your wishlist to save time on future searches. In the meantime, monitor discounts to be applied to your order.


    Frequently Asked Questions about Prescription Medicine for Horses

    How do I setup Autoship for my prescription horse medicine?

    To set up Autoship for your prescription horse medicine, select the Autoship option at checkout and choose the frequency of your delivery. You must have a valid prescription or remaining refills on file for Autoship deliveries to occur. If we do not have a prescription, or if your prescription is expiring soon, one of our team members will reach out to your vet to obtain all the necessary information. Once you set up Autoship, you can cancel or change your deliveries any time you want. Never run out of prescription horse medicine again with Autoship from us!

    What kind of medication can I give my horse?

    You can give your horse a range of different medications depending on his needs, but only your vet can determine and prescribe the medicines that are right for him. Horse Medicine Store carries remedies including parasite & deworming medicine for horses, pain meds for horses, skin & coat medicine for horses, antibiotics for horses, thyroid and hormone medicine for horses, and horse allergy medicine, too. The Horse Medicine Store carries most of the common medications for horses and quite a few specialty horse meds, as well.

    How can I get a horse to eat medicine?

    Getting a horse to eat medicine may require a little creativity and patience, but some horses will just eat up the medication if you put it in their feed. For other horses, try hiding the medicine in a soft horse treat, in a hollow you’ve made in an apple or carrot or in one of the specialty pill pockets or pouches made just for this purpose. Hiding the medicine in a pitted prune works well for many horses, too, or you can try crushing the medicine, dissolving it in water and squirting it into your horse’s mouth. Your vet may have some good advice on giving your horse medicine, too.

    How do I get horse medication prescriptions online at Horse Medicine Store Pharmacy?

    Get your horse medication prescriptions online at Horse Medicine Store by first visiting your vet for a prescription. Then, go online and add the prescribed pharmacy product to your cart. At checkout, you can add your horse’s info and vet contact information so Horse Medicine Store can reach out and verify the prescription on your behalf. That’s all you need to do to order your prescription medications from us!